Stardust is a collaboration between Fylkingen and the Modern Museum that will focus on electronic music, dance, performance, art and installations. This festival will be the substitute for the now dead Stockholm Electronic Music Festival and its aim is to take a broader grip on electronic art not excluding forms of artistic expressions that are not pure electronic music.

Two legendary Fylkingen members are in the centre: Åke Hodell and Sten Hanson, both pioneers in text/sound compositions. Among the international guests are this year´s Ars Electronica winner Carsten Nicolai who will perform at the Modern Museum as well as doing an installation. The Dutch media and art institute V2 will also be represented at Stardust. From Berlin Ingo Reulecke (dancer/choreographer) and Marc Weiser (from Rechenzentrum) will perform on the opening night at the Modern Museum.

The opening night continues at Fylkingen with among others Scanner, CM von Hausswolff and the KREV minister of Lamination Egnekn Montgomery, on this occasion accompanied by Amanda Beeman, bringing the public a piece of stardust from another galaxy...

On friday Florian Feigel from ´Showcase Beat Le mott´ will perform his solo performance ´Present Passions´ which in his own words contains elements of "...Apocalyptic visions of the last day of the world... alchemist rituals... voodoo... and the blossoms of nowadays hardcore thrash comics." On saturday and sunday the danish choreographer/dancer Seimi Nørregaard will perform new work and among others Björn Elisson/Johanna Ekström/Erik Pauser, Lotta Melin, and Natalie Ruiz will perform. At the Museum installations by Carsten Nicolai, Robin Rimbaud, PARC and many more will be featured.