INSTÄLLT! Fri Entre #3 - Experimentell Öppenscen


Fri entré: a series of experimental events held in the Fylkingen bar area.

Fri entré is an open-stage where artists can test their ideas / side projects / unfinished pieces in front of an open-minded audience in order to refine the direction / presentation / communication of what they’re working on. Sets are 10-15 min in duration.

The stage is open to any form of experimentation and is currently limited only by the logistics of Fylkingen’s bar area. (We prefer solo/duo/trio acts with minimal tech requirements but are open to suggestions)

These evenings are also intentionally organized on lilla-lördag as an opportunity to meet with people in the Stockholm scene regardless of what area of experimentation you may associate with.

Proposals for Fri Entre #2 (Wednesday, 19 Feb) to:
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Samproduktion: AM Popoli