OBS INSTÄLLT! Kalkatraz Cassettes Presents: Walter Berge, The Ground Pounders & Aleksandra Słyż


Kalkatraz Cassettes invites you to the release concert for KTC018 -
Walter Berge - Margarita, a C47 tape recorded on a trip to Georgia.

Walter Berge
The Ground Pounders
Aleksandra Słyż
Em Silén

/Walter Berge/
Unclean powers roam free;
The Savior returns;
Margot makes a deal with the Devil;
Mr. Larsson never sees Jerusalem;
And more!

/The Ground Pounders/
Ranging from noisey, lo-def, tapewobbling soundscapes to stupid
repetetive punk chords with calm vocals hiding underneath, their debut
tape ”Allt det ni sa, som vi inte gjorde” feels like a collection of
love poems put through a meat grinder.

/Aleksandra Słyż/
Aleksandra Słyż is a Polish composer, sound artist, designer and
engineer whose works are primarily focused on the connections between
humans, technology and art.
Right now she is focusing on exploring the possibilities of a human
body using a wide spectrum of electronic devices. She would like to
think that her art could give the audience a sense of a common ground
and participation.

Medlemsproduktion: Theodor Kentros