INSTÄLLT! QUÖÖÖR q u e e r c h o i r (version 2020) by Uncover Choreography


You are warmly welcome to join, practice, meditate, rest, hang out and mingle
with Sanna, Elinor, Pavle, Sandra, Emelie and Scott in QUÖÖÖR - land.

Free entrance!

QUÖÖÖR is a voice-choreography and a collaboration between choreographer Sanna Söderholm, dancer Elinor Tollerz Bratteby and sound artist Scott Cazan. The investigation revolves around the interrelation of voice and body.
The project started as a duo in 2018. It has been presented in Weld, Bonniers Konsthall and Konstnärsnämnden. Version 2020 invites three more dancers and includes the audience, as guest members in the choir.


Main principles of the core practice Flinking (floating-sinking) :

Listen to the lights
Make the same sound as each other (high pitched and soft)
Sustain it collectively and keep listening

Follow rather than plan

Choreographer, dancer Sanna Söderholm
Assisting choreographer, dancer Elinor Tollerz Bratteby
Dancer Pavle Heidler
Dancer Sandra Lolax
Dancer Emelie Johansson
Sound Artist Scott Cazan

With support from:
Konstnärsnämnden, CCAP,, Step In Dansstudio, Weld, Bonniers Konsthall
Thank you Pavle, Katrine, Oskar, Andreas, Sandra, Emelie

Medlemsproduktion - Scott Cazan