WOL 10 års jubileum!

WOL 10 års jubileum!
Hedersgäster: PRZ och Sisterloops


Entré: 80 kr (60 stud), endast kort

Three duos in one evening!:

Wenche Tankred and Lovisa Johansson are WOL,
working with performance art and sound.
WOL turns the world on its head.
WOL is beautiful, ugly and utterly childish.
WOL tries to do right, but is always failing.

Eva Pagmar & Angela Rubencrantz have been working together with various projects since 1990.
PRZ is a play recycling art presence and laughter
PRZ is right now DA DA DA DA and contradiction.
Instagram @perfectrelationzone

is a performative sound art, noise duo and was formed 2013
by the artists Alexandra Nilsson and Marie Gavois.

Sisterloops are nasty academics
strictly wild, brutally feminine
we are amplified knives

material – cuts and whines, scratches, bursts and shrieks_
physical – direct action_ savage_
script / lyrical / narrative_
who speaks and who makes noise?_
II: . . . :II

Varmt välkomna!

Medlemsproduktion: Wenche Tankred och Lovisa Johansson