BAS KALLE – Kopfragmenten

Kopfragmenten är ett nytt stycke av den holländske tonsättaren och multimediakonstnären Bas Kalle. Stycket är delvis komponerat på EMS och delvis I tonsättarens privata studio.

Bas Kalle, 2008
Kopfragmenten is the title of a new piece by Dutch composer and multimedia artist Bas Kalle. The piece is partly composed at EMS studios in Stockholm and partly in the private studio of the composer.
The somewhat violent character of the piece is a direct result of the circumstances in which Kalle made the piece.
Just a week before Kalle started to work on the piece, a close relative and very good friend of him died in a terrible accident. The emotions of this happening are audible in the piece. Kopfragmenten in Dutch refers to the thoughts and emotions that come with such an experience. When something like this happens, your mind does weird things and it is almost like the mind is intoxicated with the most horrible images and thoughts. Kalle tried to reflect these thoughts with sounds (recorded in Stockholm and The Hague (The Netherlands)) and later on into a composition. Kopfragmenten is the result of this process.