Andrea S Giordano, M Wingren, Mattias Hållsten and Giovanni Onorato

giovanni onorato

18:30 Mattias - Hyojo no netori, 3'
19:00 Andrea - amara, 20'
19:30 Mattias - Plåtstudie no. 2, 20'
20:30 Giovanni and Andrea - celycib+, 15'
20:50 M - Untouchable Lava (excerpt), 20'
22:00 Mattias - supergenerative, 10'
Entrance: 100kr. Discounted: 80kr.

Andrea S Giordano
Andrea S Giordano is an Italian musician based in Oslo. Composer, improviser, singer and multi-instrumentalist
developing her language with piedmontese dialect and harmonic juxtapositions. She is going to release an album with her large ensemble Àlea, her first solo produced during the residency at the Elektronmusikstudion EMS (Stockholm) and she is currently working with the long-lasting duo ŌTONN and other artists such as Ingar Zach, Alessandra Rombolà, John Andrew Wilhite and Christian Meaas Svendsen. She is also curating the concert series Improverk.

M Wingren is a Helsinki-based intermedia artist and composer. They hold an MA in Sound in New Media from Aalto
University and are currently a composer in residence at EMS. M's music falls into the broad category of
experimental pop with sticky melodies, brutal sound design, and sporadic beat-driven structures. They are currently focused on making their live performance less like checking email and more like dancing.

M will play hard, dark, nasty music with bespoke video game interfaces. Strobe warning: flashing lights will be
present throughout this performance.

Mattias Hållsten (1997) is a Swedish composer and musician. His music explores auditory perception and the
boundary between acoustic and electronic sound, utilizing different synthesis techniques and instrumentations
combined with just intonation. In relation to this, he also works with the aesthetic and affective characteristics of different intonation patterns. His interest over the last few years in the Japanese court music Gagaku has led him to studies in the musical instrument shō, for the Japanese musician Ishikawa Ko.

For this concert I will present new music for an exciter attached to a suspended steel plate. The work is an extension of the usage of the steel plate in my 2022 piece "Breathing, bowing" for viola da gamba
and electronics.

Giovanni Onorato (1995) is a sort of weird musician from Palermo, working with perception of objects and things.He holds an Electronic Music bachelor’s degree at Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna and a MA in Electroacoustic Composition at Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He is a founding member of Elettronica Collettiva Bologna, a collective promoting electroacoustic music, and Senza Distinzione di Genere lab, a free-improvisation workshop taking place at Labàs in Bologna.

Medlemsproduktion: Giovanni Onorato