Headbang (poster)

Biljetter: 160:- ordinarie, 80:- rabatterat

(headbang) is a two headed medusa
( ) is a certain touch
( ) is Heavy
(headbang) is headbanging
( ) is a total collapse - falling - trespassing through each other - cross-pollinating
(headbang) is an intimate romantic gesture
( ) is a fluid-bond - committed to breaking barrier
(headbang) is an investigation on the traces we leave on each other, on a society and our planet
- long strokes, long left traces, long after they are gone.
(headbang) is filthy, fallen angels refusing the patriarchy of the male god
(headbang) is holding hands, or holding your hair when you throw up
(headbang) is entering secrecy, whispering gossip
(headbang) is a slippery slope
( ) is an ecstatic slow mover
(headbang) is a space-embrace
( ) is landing from outer space and growing infinite
(headbang) is a RÅ
(headbang) is two dancers situated in a large transparent cube and a live musician with her full drum set.
They engage with each other’s rhythms. The musician flows through a wave of whispers, strong percussions, loops and screams. The dancers are banging their heads. Later they transform into slugs, intimate whippers, into stain-makers.
Together the performers bring in discourses around witches, vulnerability, and care through practices that are usually connoted with the more masculine dominated heavy-metal scene. They invite the audience into a space of grief, celebration and ecstasy.

(headbang) trailer from Elisabeth Raymond on Vimeo.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/538286944/465212c1f0



Dancers, choreographers and concept: Elisabeth Raymond and Charlie Laban Trier // Musician and composer: Josefin Runsteen // Light design and technique: Peter Widell // Costume designer: Kristin Bergman // Set designer: Oskar Gustafsson

Support: SKOGEN, Konstnärsnämnden, Göteborgs kulturnämnd, Svensk-danska fonden, Jacuzzi - Amsterdam, Konstepidemin, Stockholms stad

Thank you: Niklas Niki Blomberg, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Elina Birkehag

Medlemsproduktion: Elisabeth Raymond